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Air Detectives covers all of the Province of Ontario.
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Fresh Air Tips

There is an unwritten rule in the Air Testing Industry that Contractors keep at arms length from Air Sampling and Testing if they are going to be involved with the remediation and reconstruction of the areas that may be contaminated.

Mould Inspection Services

A property owner or occupant should consider having a DETAILED MOULD INSPECTION performed for several reasons. Unexplained health conditions, Visible Mould Problems, Real Estate Transactions or Peace of Mind.

A detailed mould inspection consists of the following procedures:

In-Depth Exterior Inspection Of The Property

This will identify possible moisture intrusion sources. (Roof, foundation, gutters & downspouts, windows, etc.) Perform an outside air sample at an additional charge.(via VIABLE High Impactation test)

Interior Visual Inspection

Beginning in the lowest level and working up floor by floor, record Temperature and Relative Humidity with the use of a Hygrometer in each area. Perform an air sample on each floor or area. (VIABLE test only!)

Moisture Detector

Use a moisture detector to take readings on exterior walls to locate moisture intrusion and record variances. If mould is suspected in the wall or ceiling cavities, the use of a fibre optic boroscope may be needed. A pencil size hole will be left as a result of this procedure.

Attic or Crawl Space

Special attention will be paid to the attic or crawl space cavity underneath the roof system to determine if the area is over insulated or if a bathroom vent is exhausted into this area. Click these links for more information.


If visible mould is found, swab tests may be performed at an additional charge to identify or more importantly, rule out a Toxic genre of fungi. AIR DETECTIVES does not usually recommend extensive mould testing on visible mould.

The air samples that were taken will determine the mould type and the number of Mould Colony Forming Units per cubic meter of air. (CFU's/Cubic Metre). With this information we can prepare the tests from inside of the property against the sample taken outside (Baseline Test). We can than determine if the outdoor air contains dangerous levels of viable (or living) mould spores.This may indicate that mould has "Colonized".

Within 3-5 business days, you will be given a detailed comprehensive 8-15 page report. This report will explain the inspector's findings and laboratory results if testing was performed. The report will include information on the type of mould (Genre) thatwas found and the known health effects. Property construction defects, potential or existing moisture problems and general recommendations will be included in the report.


A homeowner may decide to have a Specific Area Inspection performed if they have contamination, (less than 10 sq. feet) andwant to rule out toxicity. Due to the many daily requests for this service we will perform an inspection of a specific area.

Many times an area of visible mould is discovered in an isolated or specific area of a home. In this case a complete detailed inspection may not be necessary or wanted.

An AIR DETECTIVE inspector will investigate the extent of the mould growth, determine a possible cause and provide recommendations for removal. Testing can also be completed, if requested.

AIR DETECTIVES does not recommend extensive testing if you have visible mould. The proper course of action is to remediate the mould.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions and or require more information about Air Sampling whether it is in your home or office. We're here to help you breath fresh air, not contaminated air.

We also provide testing and analysis for the most common Designated Substances and Hazardous Materials. Call us for more information.


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