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If you become part of our Air Detectives Network you will be joining a company which has experienced phenomenal growth in the Air Quality Management Industry.

Our motto is as simple as the air people strive for. "Keep It Clean"

We take a "No Nonsense" approach to the serious problems some people encounter with the air in their homes or offices. We don't use scare tactics or intimidation to garner a sale but rather go through great lengths to explain the solutions for their problems in a language they will understand.

The air quality and mould sampling industry is a fast-paced, newly expanding industry with huge growth potential. Air Detectives is committed to helping our franchises succeed and to awarding an exclusive Franchise Territory to the best suited applicant to ensure a strong Franchise Team across Canada. The success of each individual franchise is of prime importance to this company.

Our mandate is to expand our franchise operations across Canada, delivering high level inspection services through dynamic training, strategic marketing and superior reporting programs for our franchisees.

Our training program allows you to knowledgeably and confidently approach this industry and make your mark. Training is the foundation of your future as a sampling technician and ensures that you develop on-going referrals from previously satisfied clients and their professionals.

If you're an entrepreneur with drive, enthusiasm, strong marketing skills, strong people skills, and have an appreciation for a business opportunity; this may be what you're looking for. Franchise fees start at just CAD$ 20,000.

Employment opportunites

Air Detectives is currently hiring Indoor Air Quality Technicians for employment in the GTA and South Ontario Region. If you are interested please fill out the form in the Contact Section.

For People with Disabilities

For anyone with a disability, getting a job is a life-changing experience. Whether new to the world of work, returning to employment after illness or after acquiring a disability, taking the first steps can be daunting. We'll help you take those first steps. Help build our "Indoor Air Quality Network" through telephone and email correspondence.

For more information please contact us.

We utilize our own staff as well as outside specialists to provide you with a thorough and concrete understanding of the techniques of air, asbestos, radon and mould sampling. Our detailed, comprehensive reporting system is an essential part of the home and office inspection process.

Use a moisture detector to take readings on exterior walls to locate moisture intrusion and record variances. If mould is suspected in the wall or ceiling cavities, the use of a fibre optic boroscope may be needed. A pencil size hole will be left as a result of this procedure.

An inspection and sampling franchise allows you to work from your home without incurring expensive overhead and permits you to have more control over your schedule. This is a cash business with payment received at the time of the inspection.


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