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Air Detectives™ is a multi-disciplinary company that specializes in ensuring safe INDOOR AIR QUALITY through professional inspections, air sampling/ testing, decontamination, remediation and monitoring.

Our Immediate Response Teams of certified and experienced technicians are prepared with state-of-the-art equipment and systems to undertake any indoor environmental project.

We provide all the services necessary to get your home back to normal. Our personnel have several years of mould remediation, water & flood damage restoration, and disaster recovery experience. Our clients include home owners, management companies, businesses and insurance companies.

Air Detectives is a proud member of the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration, adheres to all IICRC standards, and carries certification for cleaning and restoration services.

Is Mould Hazardous to Human Health?

The topic of health and how mould may affect your well being is controversial  and confusing. There is a significant lack of scientific study by both the Medical and Scientific Professions that could be used as definitive guidelines for the proper and distinct diagnoses that moulds have caused a human health condition. This does not in any way mean that mould is not dangerous or that it should be ignored but rather in our studies we have found most in the medical professions like to rule out other factors in human health problems before diagnosing a condition to mould alone.

The problem with mould contamination is that the average person will not have adverse reactions to airborne mould spores but rather feel uncomfortable because of them. Mould spores have been traversing the planet for millions of years so it is natural for humans to accept their presence in the air.  Those people with Allergies may suffer  allergic reactions to certain types of mould or more appropriately high levels of mould spores in contained areas.  Asthma sufferers are also susceptible to asthmatic attacks when exposed to high levels of mould spores.

There is very little debate because conclusive proof exists that mould can be a serious threat to some humans especially if they suffer from the aforementioned or even worse have an immune deficiency due to pre-existing disease. But mould may or may not be the contributing factor.

We are not Doctors. We are however experts at analyzing the air in your homes or offices. If you have any doubts about the air you are breathing as being the cause of any illness then call your Doctor.

We will gladly work with the health Professionals if specific types of air testing are required by them for your safety.


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