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Suspect Asbestos Or Mould? Get Air Sampling to find out if you have them in your home!

An experienced Air Detectives inspector will take air samples to determine if you have asbestos or mould contamination. This is the first step in asbestos or mould removal process.
  • Why You Need Air Sampling
Air sampling finds hidden contamination that is not visible. The easy part is removing the visible mould. However, when mould is hidden, air sampling will locate it so it can be removed.
Similarly, you cannot simply look at a material and tell whether or not it contains asbestos, unless it is clearly marked on the product.
  • Air Sampling Process
Air sampling involves capturing all air borne fibers of a certain size on a filter and laboratory analysis of the fibre sample to determine the quantity and or types of fibres collected.
Trained Air Detectives air sampling professional will take several samples inside your home, send them to the laboratory for testing and will prepare a detailed report with laboratory findings.
  • Air Sampling Results
Within several business days after air sampling was performed, you will be given a comprehensive 8-15 page report. This report will explain the inspector's findings and laboratory results.
In case mould or asbestos were found, safe and effective contamination removal options will be recommended.

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