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Worried about mould? Get all the answers with a detailed FREE mould inspection from Air Detectives!

An experienced Air Detectives inspector will investigate the extent of the mould growth, determine a possible cause and provide recommendations for removal:
  • In-Depth Exterior Inspection Of The Property
This will identify possible moisture intrusion sources. (Roof, foundation, gutters & downspouts, windows, etc).
  • Interior Visual Inspection
Beginning in the lowest level and working up floor by floor, record Temperature and Relative Humidity with the use of a Hygrometer in each area. Perform an air sample on each floor or area.
  • Moisture Detection
Using a moisture detector, we will take readings on exterior walls to locate moisture intrusion and record variances.
  • Attic or Crawl Space Inspection
Special attention will be paid to the attic or crawl space cavity underneath the roof system to determine if the area is over insulated or if a bathroom vent is exhausted into this area.
Within several business days after the inspection, you will be given a comprehensive 8-15 page report. This report will explain the inspector's findings and laboratory results if testing was performed. Property construction defects, potential or existing moisture problems and general recommendations will be included in the report.

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